Conference Topics

PALERMO 2022 launches a call for papers on various literary themes and cultural issues related to the art and craft of Creative
Writing. Topics may include, but are not restricted to, the following themes:

  1. Creative Writing Pedagogies
  2. Narrative Techniques and Literary Methods in Creative Writing; scene, plot, character, POV, narrator etc.
  3. Critical Approaches to Creative Writing
  4. Types of Literary Genres (poetry, songwriting, prose -short story and novel- drama/play, literary adaptation etc.)
  5. Children’s Literature and Creative Writing
  6. The Language of Creative Writing
  7. Imaginative Science Writing (Psychology, History, Mathematics, Translation Studies etc.)
  8. New Media in Creative Writing
  9. Creative Writing and the Art of Book Making (typography, binding)
  10. Music and Creative Writing
  11. Creative Writing and Sports
  12. Creative Writing, linguistic and literary locality (Corfu, London, Paris, Barcelona, New York etc.)